Dry needling

Education in dry needling by method of Andrea Schachinger


In this education, I present my knowledge. This knowledge is gained by 15 years of collaboration with vets, physiotherapists and equine instructors, but also with doctors and scientists in humane medicine. From all of this combined, a proprietary method of treatment has formed. The education consists of

  • 8 hours preparation training at home
  • A three-day intense education program, followed by both theoretical and practical examination.
  • Complementary one day training


After successfully completing the program, the participant receives a licenced certificate, with the official mark of Centre for Dry Needling. From this moment on, the participant is licensed to practise the therapy of Dry Needling individually.

After all, the participant has successfully completed the renowned education program!


After completion of the four day education program the therapist is capable of:
  • Creating a proper impression of the horse.
  • Determining whether the horse is in need of Dry Needling treatment of other treatment by a vet, by discussing the problems of the horse with the owner and by performing a global palpation pre-research.
  • Performing a fine-tuned palpation research and to set up a proper treatment-program.
  • Performing a complete Dry Needling treatment
  • Doing this with consideration of the stress levels of the horse and reducing the to a minimum.
  • Explaining the owner/rider of the horse what aftercare and recovery is essential for the horse.
  • Determining (in some cases with help from a vet) whether the use of feeding supplements can be useful.