Advanced Equine Chain Taping


Part 1: Theory and practical on Equine Taping
Part 2: Theory and praktical on Equine Chain Taping
Part 3: Theory and praktical on Lymfe Taping
Part 4: Palpation en mobilisation, problem recognition
Part 5: Praktical on Equine Training combined with Taping

Using tape on horses is a relatively new, but fast growing concept. With use of equine tape, the weaker parts of the body are supported. The use of tape can be an additional help in pain relief, muscle support, rehabilitation and to prevent injuries.

With use of chain taping, we are capable to influence muscle groups and connective tissue.  We observe the connections and are able to influence the entire horse body. The result? A proper functioning horse, because of improved muscle functions and support of tissue.

Our education Advanced Equine Chain Taping consists of several components, taught in two days. Education by Drs. Ines Lauwers
(Vet, animal osteopath ICREO, Dry-Needling therapist for humane, equine and canine.

Day one

  • Theory behind the art of taping – influence of tape
  • Theory of fascia and muscle chains – examples of using tape on horses


Day two

  • Chaintaping in practise
  • Theory on basic lymfesystem of the horses
  • Theory and practical on taping lymfe of the horse



A maximized effect is realized when taping is combined with other types of therapy. Taping is commonly used as part of Dry Needling therapy, massage, osteopathy and animal physiotherapy.


By following and completing this educational program, you are able to offer your clients a much wider spectrum. Taping is also very well applicable on other animal species.


After successfully completing this complete program, you will receive a certificate which is acknowledged by BCND and Dry Needling therapists.

Costs €350,- excl vat
Including education materials, lunch and tape